Snuggling with a loved one, reading a book, going out to eat, or whatever you like, we all want to be comfortable. The body and mind crave a state of homeostasis. This is a good thing unless you are unhappy. 

Habits are difficult to break. Most of our habits are fairly unconscious. We don’t even know that we do them. This perpetuation of the norm may be the reason why you are unhappy. You fear change. You need to find comfort in the act of improving your well being. Do you want to be more social? Do you have trouble when speaking with a group? Do you bite your nails? Maybe you want to start eating healthy. If your habits are keeping you unhappy then it’s time to build new habits. Whatever you do that you may want to change isn’t as difficult to do as you think. 

It takes about 21 days to build a habit.  Dont focus on trying to break old habits, that is a very uphill battle when it’s been decades in the making. Build a new habit to overwrite the old ones. Address the habit you wish to change, set a plan for the new habit, and the begin to execute. Your new habit will begin to take root with time and soon that will be the norm. 

Day one will be the most difficult. Taking a look at yourself and decided what in your life needs to be changed. What is causing you to be unhappy? After you are done taking out the things that make you unhappy in your life. You are only left with happiness. 

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