Most of us have things that we are just good at. Something that we have an innate aptitude for. This may be a physical or mental skill. We have all heard someone say,”That person has a god given talent.” In other words that person is good without ever practicing. Talent is great but it has the drawback of being taken for granted. If you are good at s9mething and you never put the work in to be good at it you will not appreciate it. Most of us have these talents and we do nothing to appreciate them. Talents go to waste. 

Schools teach us to be well rounded and to know a little about everything. By all means we should know a little of everything but dont neglect your talent. Learn as much as you can and make sure to spend time cultivating your talent. If you are a good artist then you should draw, if you’re good at basketball then play basketball, whatever you have a talent for then that is what you should do. 

You are most happy when you are doing well at something, so why wouldn’t you do it more often. Figure out what you are good at and spend time being happy. 

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